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2022 Seasonal Camping Rates

  • 30-amp or 50-amp service with an electric meter and full water/sewer hookups is $525/month or $122.5/week plus electric

  • 30-amp non-metered site with full water & sewer hookups  is $550/month or $129.00/week 

  • All seasonal/monthly metered sites pay for electricity separately based on use.

  • 30-amp with an electric meter with no water/sewer is $500/month or $125/week (sites A1, A2 & A3) plus electric

This year, the following 30-amp campsites will be converted to sites with meters this season: B3, B4, B5, B6, B13, B14, B15

We will also upgrade the following 20-amp campsites to 30-amp metered sites, no water/sewer: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5

Water is available via hose from the office to fill internal tanks for these sites. Sewer dump service is free for self-serve or available for $5 if you'd like us to handle it.

Electric charges will be billed per monthly meter reading of actual kWh used to the credit or debit card on file on the 1st of the month.​ All seasonal rentals require a credit or debit card on file.Rental charges will be set up on a recurring schedule based on the renter's preference (weekly or monthly). ​Water will be shut off to all campsites in mid-October depending on the weather. Sites B1 through B9 will have a hose available from the office building to fill camper water tanks until October 31.

Take a look our printable one-page summary of our monthly camping options.

West Forty RV Park and Campground


Seasonal Site Availability (as of June 22, 2022):​​

Campsites outlined in red on the map are the primary seasonal campsites. We sometimes have the flexibility to add additional seasonal/monthly campsites depending on availability and demand. ** indicates a metered site rental rate applies.

  • B1 (30-amp) - occupied for the full season (owner's residence)
  • B2** (50-amp) - occupied through August 18;  available August 19 - Oct. 31 
  • B3 (30-amp) - occupied full season
  • B4 (30-amp) - occupied full season (campground host)​​
  • B5 (30-amp) - occupied through July 22; available July 23 - Oct. 31
  • B6 (30-amp) -  occupied through August 31; available Sept. 1 - Oct. 31
  • B7**(50-amp) - occupied full season 
  • B8**(50-amp)- occupied through Sept. 30; available Oct. 1-31 
  • B9** (50-amp) - occupied through Sept. 5; available Sept. 6 - Oct. 31
  • B13 (30-amp) - occupied through Sept. 30; available Oct. 1-31
  • B14 (30-amp) - occupied through Sept. 1; available Sept. 1 - Oct. 31
  • B15 (30-amp) - occupied through June 24; available June 25 - Oct. 31
  • C3 (30-amp) - occupied full season
  • C4 (30-amp) - occupied full season
  • C5 (30-amp) - occupied full season
  • C6 (30-amp) - occupied full season​

Campsites outlined in yellow on the map are the secondary seasonal campsites. These sites come with availability and amenity restrictions as noted. 

  • A1** currently 20-amp, will be upgraded to 30-amp this spring. Site occupied through July 31. Available Aug. 1 - Oct. 31. 
  • A2** currently 20-amp, will be upgraded to 30-amp this spring. Available starting June 27.
  • A3** currently 20-amp, will be upgraded to 30-amp this spring. Site occupied through 15. Available on July 16.​

Sites A1-A3 do not have water or sewer, but water is available via hose from the office to fill internal holding tanks. Sewer dump service is available weekly for $5 each service.

We offer monthly rates for seasonal campers and construction workers.

We allocate a designated section of our campground to seasonal campers. Because stays are longer than 30 days, we need to book all long-term rentals manually. Please complete the form below so we can call or email you back with rates and availability. To confirm your rental, we will charge a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking that will be deducted from your first month's rent. If you are unsure about the total length of stay, please note that in the message to campground owners section. Our regular daily, weekend, weekly site rentals must be booked using our online reservations platform. Take a look our printable one-page summary of our monthly camping options. All monthly rentals will be required to fill out our lease agreement prior to parking on their designated campsite. 

In addition to full hook-up sites, we offer the following additional amenities to our seasonal guests:

  • Free package holding service- customers who have packages via FedEx, UPS or the U.S. Postal service will be held in the office for pickup. See our location information page for shipping instructions. 
  • On-site propane tank exchange- seasonal guests don't need to run into town when they run out of propane. Just text our office and we will pick up your tank (20/30 lb sizes) and deliver a full one to your lot. Your account will be charged automatically. Visit our camp store page for more information and pricing.
  • Free Wi-Fi access - all monthly/seasonal renters will recieve a password to access our campground wi-fi system. We broadcast both a 2.4G and 5G signal. Signal strength will vary depending on your campsite.  
  • 10-20% Off Qualifying RV/Camper Parts - if you need replacement parts for common RV/Camper items (water/sewer hoses, lighting, electrical plugs, etc.) that are available at Camping World, we can pick them up for you and pass our savings on to you. You'll get 10-20% off the regular retail price when you order through us. 
  • On-site laundry- COMING SOON (available approximately September-2022), we will have a washer and dryer available for monthly/seasonal campers to use in our office building for a small fee.
  • 24-hour security- the campground is monitored by security cameras 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. We also have a on-site campground host who will be able to assist you and provide an additional resource for your safety. 
  • Free overflow parking - if you have additional items like a boat or utility trailer that don't fit on your lot, we will allow up to two additional vehicles/trailers to park in our overflow parking area for no additional cost for the duration of you stay. Our current overflow parking is in the section where campsites D1-D8 are located. In July/August, this will move to the grey shaded overflow parking area as shown on the map.