West Forty RV Park

As of October 6, we are the only campground that is open in the immediate Gilbert area.

Campsite Availability Alerts (updated September 19)​​ 

  • September 24-26
    Limited sites remain! 1 RV site left! Group sites, small campers (under 25 feet; electric only) or tent sites are still available.

  • October 1-3 - Rock Rash weekend
    RV sites available! 11 RV sites left! Group sites, small campers (under 25 feet; electric only) or tent sites still available.

  • October 8-10
    Limited sites remain!​ 3 RV sites left! Group sites (2 open), small campers (under 25 feet; electric only) or tent sites still available.


Construction behind campsites C5 - C9 and G5 will begin in early October. Sites will remain open during construction. Our overflow parking area will have limited access (1 access road vs. the standard 3 access roads) starting in October so we can extend our water and sewer main lines for 2022.


Water will be shut off to all campsites on October 11. We have a water filling station at the office and our restrooms/showers will be open until we close on October 31. Sewer and electric will not be affected.

To access our booking system via mobile phone, use this link.

** Any seasonal/monthly camping sites (click here to view see seasonal maps) will be added to recreational camper site inventory 7-10 days in advance of possible arrivals. **

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Open until October 31, 2021