West Forty RV Park and Campground

Mailing and Shipping Information

​Guests are able to ship and recieve packages and mail while staying at West Forty RV Park and Campgound. We offer free package holding service for all guests. Please use the information listed on this page for all guest deliveries. 

FedEx, UPS and other commercial delivery services:

West Forty RV Park

Attn: <insert your name and campsite>

245 Highway 37
Gilbert, MN 55741

Add the following delivery instructions (if available):
"Please deliver to the campground office drop off box."

U.S. Postal Service delivery services:
West Forty RV Park
Attn: <insert your name and campsite>
PO Box 463
245 Highway 37
Gilbert, MN 55741

Campground guests should not use the campground USPS address on a "Change Of Address" or "Mail Forwarding" form. If you need to have your mail forwarded to an address, you should rent a mailbox of your own at the Gilbert Post Office. Using the campground address for a change of address or mail forwarding will result in your not being able to change your address when you leave. 

Other shipping and delivery notes:

  • If an item is being delivered to our U.S. Postal Service address, it will automatically be delivered to the Gilbert Post Office in care of West Forty RV Park. We check our mail daily and will hold your package in the campground office. Please add PO Box 463 directly above the street address for all US Postal Service deliveries.
  • If items are being delivered via FedEx or UPS (or any other shipper), they should be delivered to the office. We have a sign on the main door directing deliveries to be put in our drop box immediately next to the office door. This box is checked daily and all packages received are brought inside the office upon arrival. 
  • Once we receive a package, we will call or text you to let you know it has arrived so you can come to the office to pick it up. 
  • If a package arrives for you after you check out, we will contact you for forwarding information. You will be charged the cost of shipping for the item plus a $5 service fee using the credit card on file with us.