2021/2022 Winter Storage Rates

  • Early storage in October is a hybrid of camping and storage fees. The camper/RV cannot be occupied overnight or connected to utilities to be eligible for early storage rates.

    • October 11-31 = $165 + tax

    • October 18-31 = $110 + tax

    • October 25-31 = $55 + tax

  • Monthly storage is from November 1 through 12 p.m. on April 29 at a rate of $42 per month ($252 for the season) plus tax.

  • Owners who do not pick up their campers/RVs prior to April 29 will be charged the daily camping rate for the site starting April 30, 2022. 

Campers/RVs stored with West Forty RV Park must be insured by the owner at all times. Proof of insurance is required at the time of drop-off.​ Campers may not be connected to any campground utilities during the storage period. 

Security Information: West Forty RV Park will lock the front gate on November 1 and will not unlock the gate prior to April 1 for any reason. The campground is monitored by security cameras 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. 

All winter storage contracts require a credit or debit card on file. The card on file must have an expiration date of later than July 1, 2022. 

Winter storage customers may arrange for camper removal between April 1 and 29 depending on spring weather/snow conditions.

West Forty RV Park

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Complete this online form to request a seasonal campsite:

We offer winter storage for RVs, motor homes and campers .

Beginning Monday, October 11, we begin converting the campground over to our winter storage season with 31 available sites to park campers/RVs. All winter storage is booked manually over the phone after you complete the form below so we can call or email you back with rates and availability. All seasonal rentals require a $50 security deposit. All winter storage terms are a minimum of 6 months and must be paid in full at the time of parking your rig. 

Storage site availability (as of September 13):

  • B-1 - site filled for the winter
  • B-2 
  • B-3
  • B-4 - site filled for the winter
  • B-5 - site filled for the winter
  • B-6
  • B-7 
  • B-8 
  • B-9 
  • B-10
  • B-11
  • B-12 
  • B-13 
  • B-14 
  • B-15 
  • B-16
  • B-17
  • B-18
  • B-19
  • B-20
  • B-21
  • B-22
  • C-1 - site filled for the winter
  • C-2 - site filled for the winter
  • C-3 - site filled for the winter
  • C-4 - site filled for the winter
  • C-5 
  • C-6 
  • C-7
  • C-8
  • C-9